By helping teens navigate the pitfalls and temptations of youth, you’ll play a crucial role in their development. Applying to college. Balancing multiple activities. Getting a job. This section helps you help them make the most of their teens.
Addressing drug and alcohol peer pressure
We often think that kids pressure other kids into trying tobacco, alcohol, or drugs. But the reality is that kids tend to start using to avoid feeling different or being left out. More
Battle of the Brain
In adolescence, the same hormones that cause magnificent physiological changes during puberty, are also rewiring body parts we never see: the amygdala and the prefrontal cortex. (Both in our heads.) More
Doing it all - Academics, sports & extracurriculars
Research surveys indicate that over 80% of children and youth are involved in extracurricular activities. Research points to the benefits of participating in extracurricular activities. Among these, extracurricular activities helps youth to explore developing identities, gain mastery in particular area(s), and figure out what they’re good at or may be good at. More
Help them stop stressing
The hope is that youth is a stress-free time of life. The truth is, it’s not. With the daily demands of school, activities, relationships with friends and family, romantic issues…it can all get overwhelming. In fact, in a survey by the American Psychological Association, adolescents reported stress levels similar to those of adults. More
When school is no longer safe
If you are in a school setting, you may have concerns about the school because it's in a dangerous neighborhood or because of the high incidences of fighting, bullying and other sorts of interpersonal violence. More