Academics impact college access, career and earning potential. Plus, they lay the foundation for work habits and interpersonal skills. Use this section help them reach academic goals and achieve lifelong success.
Getting kids excited about learning
Studies have shown that students who could identify one person who cared about them, made them excited about learning, and encouraged them to pursue their dreams, were more likely to graduate, and nearly twice as likely to thrive in college and beyond. More
Help plan and pay for college
For many underprivileged students, financing can be one of the biggest barriers to going to college. Here are ways to help someone whose family doesn’t have the financial means to pay for college. More
Improving student performance
It’s great that you value education. Lots of students need extra help with academics—and parents and teachers are often unable to give it. It’s important to remember, however, that these academic activities should not come at the expense your relationship. More
Keeping kids in school
Dropping out of school is a huge decision for any student to undertake. Here are some ways to help guide the decision: More
When parents don’t value education
Research suggests that a consistent predictor of academic achievement is parental expectation. And while most parents do expect their kids to graduate from high school and complete some postsecondary education, this is not true for everyone. More
When school is no longer safe
If you are in a school setting, you may have concerns about the school because it's in a dangerous neighborhood or because of the high incidences of fighting, bullying and other sorts of interpersonal violence. More