Help plan and pay for college

For many underprivileged students, financing can be one of the biggest barriers to going to college. Here are ways to help someone whose family doesn’t have the financial means to pay for college.

What to do

  • Take them on field trip to visit local colleges
  • Look for resources that provide career development support—including clubs, classes and internships
  • Present options other then 4-year programs—like community college, vocational schools, on-line classes and certificate degrees
  • Be wary of expensive and for-profit programs or unaccredited options
  • Seek out creative financing opportunities

Ways to Help

  • Encourage them to get the best possible grades and to participate in extra-curriculum activities
  • Help them research colleges and financial aid options
  • Help them fill out college applications—including applications for scholarships and financial aid
  • If a personal statement is required, help them brainstorm ideas and help edit the final version

Where to get help

Talk to the school about supportive resources such as National College Access Program Directory. Help them prepare for the SAT or ACT exam via online resources. Check out Let’s Get Ready; the College Board

The Bigger Picture

Be aware that applying for college can be an arduous process. So take it step by step, and make sure everyone involved understands all the deadlines and requirements.

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